Applying LEAN principles to personal development

Quick Background to LEAN

“LEAN” is an idea originally born from manufacturing, specifically Japanese car manufacturing, Toyota to be precise. The “Toyota Production System” (TPS) is a system, not in the mechanical sense of the word, more as an intricate blend of man and machine, each working to their strengths.

So what’s this got to do with Personal Development?

LEAN is really a philosophy, traditionally applied in a business context, reaching for continuous improvement of processes or systems. However, exactly the same philosophy can be brought to bear against personal goals, aspirations and wishes providing a rigorous, scientific method of continuously improving the self.

The cycle of:
* Identifying a vision
* Determining a current condition
* Establishing a next target condition
* Recognising obstacles to achieving the target condition
* Problem solving to overcome the obstacles

Is a powerful one, whether taking place on the factory floor, in a hospital ward or with respect to personal development.

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